Norah n’ Lu

July 4th was great this year. My sister, Carrie, had just given birth to Norah Laurice Bray and the whole family congregated at the Bray’s to catch a glimpse. Norah is so quiet and nearly always still and looking content (hope I’m not jinxing that :). Carrie’s other daughter, Lucy, is about 17 months old, rambunctious, and full of life. For the past week it seemed as though Lucy was not interested in spending time with her new sister but Friday night she finally sat down and showed her new sister some love :). I can’t wait to see the fun they have growing up together!

On the technical side of things, the pictures of Lucy and Norah were tough to take! It was a small room and a was pretty dark with all of the lights on. I had the ISO at around 1250 so they were a little grainy and some were blurry. My sister is so great with her family’s interest in cameras :). She calls us the paparazzi and you can even hear me taking pictures in the videos posted to the Team Bray Blog.