July Showers bring… flowers?

Whoa… it has been a crazy week. For the past few months I’ve been commenting on how little you realize the work involved in getting married until you are actually in the midst of it. Carrie and I have been working on merging our lives together so that we can be in the same place after the wedding this fall and this has been a pivotal week for us. My house sold! So now, barring acceptance of the home inspection, I will be moving all of my things out of here before the closing on August 22nd. What an answer to prayer and a little bit of a relief. Of course, now we are looking for houses which should be fun. We have an appointment with the Realtor this Wednesday so we’re excited.


Now that I’ve got a few minutes to myself I’ve decided to explore my yard and take a few photos. We’ve had a some much needed rain toay and my flowers are looking fantastic. I love watching things grow and flowers provide a lot of surprises. Up top is a photo of my Nasturtium. They were grown from seeds and smell amazing!! Next are some Balloon flower I had planted last year and didn’t realize it was a perennial. Much to my surprise they popped up again this year and I’ve had a bumper crop of these cool star-shaped flowers. And finally, I shot some Elephant Ear Carrie planted for me. They are getting really huge and have some great colors in the veins of the leaves.

That’s all for now. I’ll be working on the Illustration Friday drawing this week I hope. The theme is ‘Enough’… hmmm… when is enough enough?