A Weary Week with a Wonderful Ending!

From Family Fun We…

I don’t know why but moving, working, and getting hitched is hard work! I feel like I should be able to handle it better but I get tired and cranky :). Thankfully I have a wonderful group of family and friends to look to for support. Thanks Dad, Mom, Steve, Jim, Aunt Robin, and Nicole for helping me pack and clean up my house this week. There’s only a little left to do and closing is Friday at 4:30pm!

I have relocated my office and life to my parents house for a month until I close on the new house in Kalamazoo. It’s been a welcome relief to not be surrounded by messiness and my life in boxes. I’ve definitely slept better and feel like I have a handle on things once again!

This weekend Carrie and Jim stopped by to visit my folks and we had a lot of fun with the girls. I love em so much! Look at the photos and see :).