Halfling Biker Gang

Another ArtOrder Concept Tuesday Challenge!  This week we were challenged to create a biker gang from one of the imaginary races in D&D.  I chose the Halflings… not to be confused with hobbits these guys are nomadic race and live along the shores of lakes and streams in stilted huts.  Since they spend a lot of time near the water I designed some amphibious cycles for them!  Also, I read that they like to trade so they ride laden down with goods and are always ready to haggle :).

Below is a little of the doodling I did to come up with the amphibious bikes.

  • these pictures are sooooooooooooooooooooo good.. you are great at what you do//keep up the good work/the drawings are amazing.. what a Gift you have. just showed them to some guys at our house and they loved them.envied the talent you have.

  • send these to aaron and yvonne //aaron would love them all/
    yvonnes@fairwaymc.com God bless you