I’m back with another ArtOrder challenge.  Two in a row!  I think I’m about 4 weeks ahead so you won’t see any for a while :).

Back in the day when D&D was just getting started apparently they were hurting for monster ideas (not the case any more!).  Occasionally they would brew up a monster by taking random parts from different animals and sticking them together.  In this case the Owlbear.  Head of an owl and body of a bear.  Well, the ArtOrder challenge this time around was to re-imagine the owlbear.  What if the creature as so alien that the adventurer could only use the words he knew in order to describe it? Here is my submission!

I thought that it would be interesting if the teeth of the monster were vaguely shaped like the big round eyes of an owl that would glow yellow in the dark.  The silhouette of the monster would almost look owl-like but up close it would be terrifying!  The O-bears favorite treat are the glowing bugs that hang-out in the canopy of trees at night so their teeth are stained yellow from their phosphorescent goo.  And here are some of my sketches.