Sketchoholics Anonymous

Whoa!  Looks like this blog has been on vacation… what’s going on here?  Lots!

I’m here today to mention that I’m hosting a few contests over on  I’ve missed the weekly competitions over there.  It’s really nice to be part of a community of artists who just want to draw together!  I decided it was about time I gave back a little and so that’s what I’m doing!  I’ve been inking some 4×6 drawings as prizes and so far I have enough for 4 contests.

‘Monster Portrait’ was the first contest and it’s nearly wrapped up.  It’s been fun to see all of the variations on the theme!  Here is the prize for this contest…

If you are interested in checking out the next contest it should start Monday of next week!  Visit and look for the icon at the top of this post.  I’m calling the series ‘Sketchoholics Anonymous’ so come on out and join me for some drawing!