Big Daddy cider label

Last fall/winter I was asked to work on a cider label for a local brewing company.  This is a little different than my usually line of illustration work so I said, ‘Yes please!’.

I was told that the brewery liked the name Big Daddy Cider but I’d be open to come up with any idea that might work.  They fill me in on what made the cider special and unique and I went to work on sketches.

Having free creative reign within a certain set of parameters is so much fun.  I love being able to take one idea and flip it all around and inside out and try to find as many different interpretations as you can squeeze out of it.  I did have help on this one as I started sketching with my family around a table after a quick game of Quirkle.  Everyone had different takes on the subject.  Here’s a few of the sketches I finished up for the client…

big_daddy big_daddy2

My vision for ‘Big Daddy’ was initially just a big old bubba apple who is hard to the core and doesn’t take any flak from anyone.  But there are other ways to look at an apple drink…

newton_02 newton_01 lucky 3_musketeers

Sir Isaac Newton had a run-in with an apple so why not?  Shooting an apple off your head sounded like it had potential… also there were 3 apples used in making the cider so why not the 3 Musketeers.

Ultimately we stuck with the Big Daddy theme but tweaked the art to look more like Dos Equis.  An apple of the world…

big_daddy2c big_daddy2b

Finally we ended up with this artwork.

big_daddy2b_1I hope you can see that I had a blast making this.  I have yet to see the finished product but I’ll post an update when I do.