Artist Promo Greeting Cards! It works!


If you are anything like me you love art and tend to collect a lot of it.  Part of my collection is in gathering the postcards that other artists give out or sell to their fans and to promote there work.  I like to display them on my patented ‘Wall-O-Inspiration’ for a while but after that they get filed away here…


What do you do with a box full of art especially when those same artists are creating new stuff to collect all the time?

…I have a solution!!


Why not give those old cards new life and put together a greeting card for a friend!  Think about it!

•You can show your favorite artists some love by spreading the word about their artwork.

•You can show the recipient some love by sharing some awesome artwork!

•Finally, you are keeping those postcards from a lonely existence at the bottom of a box.  Put them to use!

In this case, I needed a card for a friends birthday and found an awesome postcard from Mr. Jake Parker that really fit the bill.  The directions for this craft are pretty simple.

1.Gather your materials!  A postcard! an 8.5×11″ piece of card stock. Double sided tape or a glue stick.    A ruler and an exact knife.

2. Measure your postcard (ex. 4″x6″) and add a half inch to each measurement (ex. 4.5″x6.5″).

3. Depending on the orientation of your card (Horizontal or vertical.  Vertical in this example) keep the larger measurement as is and then double the shorter measurement (ex. 9″x6.5″) and cut out of card stock.


4. Fold the card stock in half.

5. Center and attach your art card to the card stock using tape or a gluestick and you’re done!


PS. Be sure to give the artist some props on the back of the card :).

I hope you enjoyed my crafting tip for the day!