Holy Inspiration Batman!

Well, I did it. I spent some hard earned money on a photography workshop…


Yes, you heard me… photography! My fiance is a very talented photographer and enjoys shooting weddings among other things. She has many talents but this is something that we felt could be developed and parlayed into something lucrative. Someday we’d like to have kiddos running around so we thought this would be a great way to make some extra money and have more time for a family.

The workshop was called Get Inspired and Carrie and I were totally inspired! I miss being there! My brain is on overload and I can’t sit still and work this week because I want to be out taking pictures :). To sum it up, we spent about 16 hours with some of the most talented photographers around and learned everything; Camera basics, Photoshop workflow, conducting a model shoot, marketing our business, pricing our work… it was way fun and way intense. Holly, Jen, John and their team really rocked it!

Now I just need to buy a real camera :).

Carrie has all of our photos so once I get those and check em out I’ll upload a few.