Love my Nieces :)

My parents were inundated with Grandkids this weekend :). It was pretty great. I love my niece’s. They are growing up so fast that every time I see them they have some new trick to show. They are both using sign language quite a lot so at the age of 1 (and some change) they are already communicating with each other. I love it when Lucy rattles off “hambooga” and Maddie does the best impression of a horse :).

They are spunky and fun and I picked a few of the photos I liked best from our day together. I lost a bunch of great shots because I’m still working on getting the camera FOCUSED in the midst of the action. I’m determined to find some trick that will make it easier… if anyone reading this has any ideas feel free to let me know.

  • Carrie

    I didn’t know Holly was at mom and dad’s this weekend shooting pictures!! Your blog is great and I love the pictures of the girls. My family is so talented. Thanks for a great weekend.
    Love you,

  • Miles Blog

    hey dave great pictures of the girls. they are hard to capture sometimes but you got some good ones.