Noah Suspect in Dinosaur Disappearance

I am officially geeked about this new book I’m working on. Well, I’m always excited about new jobs but this one has lots of animals and dinosaurs so I’m more excited than usual. I spent all day Wednesday doing a rough layout of the book and creating all of the rough drawings. I liked them so much that I printed them out and walked around with them just so I could look at them whenever I wanted. I think I’m fascinated when I can actually see the things that are going on in my head. Here are few of the roughs… I can’t wait to finish them up!

Oh… as far as the title of this post goes… the story is about Noah filling the ark for the flood and offers an explanation about the extinction of dinaosaurs :).

  • Carrie

    These are great Dave. I remember as a kid always watching in amazement how quickly you could produce a cool picture with just a few strokes of a pencil. I would watch you draw on the bulletin at church. It was usually the only chance I would get to see you draw because you were forced to sit by me:) It still amazes me that my brother is an ARTIST…how many people can say that? What an amazing talent. Have a good day, and I’m glad you’re enjoying your work.

    ps. I heard you made a new purchase. Holly would be proud…what are you going to do with that old digital camera of yours?

  • Kazie

    Do you know how proud Grandpa Miles would be, er, IS, of you. WOW!

    Can we see the final drawings?

    Aunt Kaye

  • DavidM

    Hey :). Thanks for the compliments Carrie and Kazie ;). I’ll post updates as things progress but right now I am waiting to hear back from the author.

  • Addi

    Those are awesome sketches! I was just telling the ladies at work today how in a matter of an hour, you drew this amazing picture of a story that my niece had made up about a granny and wolf and a doughnut factory. I actually found it and showed it to them. My co-worker can’t believe I have a friend with that much talent! ha