Foxy Loxy

I was excited to find an actual fox strolling across my backyard this morning! I never imagined I’d see one in such a residential area but the little gray fox crossed my yard and disappeared into the pines on the other side. I ran for the camera and braved the wet dew in my pajamas and bare feet but I couldn’t get a shot of him.

Tonight he/she was back… with 3 kits! My cat, Parrish, was sitting at the screen door in rapt attention as he watched them playing under the pines. They were racing, rolling, jumping, biting, and enjoying the night. They were playing like puppies. It was pretty entertaining so I decided to sit out on the back porch and watch them for a while. I tried to draw them playing but it was getting dark so it was hard to capture the action.

Now I’m a little concerned… I’ve been reading about them and it sounds like they mate in the spring and defend their den until the kits get older… I wonder if I’m living near a den! So far I’ve had deer, skunk, raccoon, ground hog, opossum, and now this! Sheesh. I may need to make a call to the local nature center to see what they recommend. Any ideas / suggestions?

  • Kazie

    Yo Dave,

    We have red fox around here, and in Kenosha, they had a series of articles in the newspaper about families of fox that live in neighborhoods down by Lake Michigan. We can hear them occasionally out in the woods crying like babies. We seldom see them except maybe crossing the road.

    If Parrish is an outside cat, I think I’d change that. Not that he would be on anyone’s “menu”, but just so he doesn’t tangle with any critter.

    I think it’s great you have so many visitors. Love your sketches.

    Does Callie get your updates?


  • DavidM

    Hi AK,

    Parrish is stays inside… although if I leave the door open he likes to sneak out and sniff on the deck. He’s been keeping an eye on the little foxes at night from the screen door.

    I’m not sure whether Callie is reading this or not :).

    Love you!