Sitting with Lucy

This past weekend was a great break from house selling and other work. Carrie and I watched Lucy while my sister and her husband went out for a movie. Lucy lives life in full tilt. When I walked in the door her face was covered in frozen raspberries and she was screaming in delight. Soon her feet hit the floor and I had fun chasing her around the house and watching her laugh. That night we played in the lake, gave her a bath, had crackers, watched ‘Signing Times’, read some books, prayed, and put her to bed. Lucy’s life is full of fun and Carrie and I had a great time with her.

  • DavidM

    WOW! I love love love those pictures. We had one of THOSE days today, so it was nice to end my day seeing my little peanut hamming it up. She is such a gift and so is my amazing brother and my soon to be sister.
    Love you,
    Thanks for all you do-C