So much going on…

Life has been a blur lately. Work is going well for me. I have several jobs in process and a few coming down the pike and it really feels good to have that work cushion Praise God! 🙂

I am getting married in t-minus 90 days (give or take 🙂 and I still need to sell my house and buy another one in our new location. I recently hired a Realtor after having a go at FSBO and I’m feeling good about that decision. I like that someone is getting paid to sell my house… it’s a lot of work for one person to do and I’ve got enough on my mind right now :). She seems very positive about the house selling so I’m excited. Here’s the listing.

My sister gave birth yesterday!!! whoa! Norah Laurice Bray has left the womb and she looks really amazing. Carrie and I visited this afternoon and got to spend an hour or so talking with Jim and Carrie and holding our new niece. You need to see these pictures of her taken by our friend Holly. They are amazing.

I spent a good chunk of the day working with my future father-in-law, Rick. He is installing new flooring in the house and we had a good time working hard together. It was a long day but I think the flooring will be worth the effort… it looks awesome!

Too many tidbits about my life :). I’ll post a few photos I’ve taken and sign off for now. Below is a cute photo of my folks and a few of my niece, Maddie, hamming it up :).

  • Addi

    Such a cute pic of your parents! And as, always, adorable of Maddie. 🙂