Feed Me Seymor!

While I was pretty interested in the whole Mantis raising experiment I had no idea how feeding would work. I’m finding that it takes a little creative problem solving :). Baby mantids can only eat fruit flies or other insects of that size. They just aren’t large enough to wrangle anything else in the early phases of development. Anyway, I had to shell out about $20 for a few tubes of fruit flies and those only lasted about 5 weeks… Soon Slim grew larger so I was able to move up to pinhead crickets… those too cost about $20 per box of 250-500. By now you can see that this is a becoming more of an investment than a pet :). So this weekend I was wondering how the kid in me used to catch flies and bugs and keep them for ‘study’. Fireflies seemed like the easiest to catch so I put a few in Slim’s jar and he avoided them. My answer came during a trip to the grocery store in search of hotdogs. In one of the aisles was a display of bamboo handled bug nets! Now I’m able to reduce the house fly population and feed my pet at the same time! Two jobs in one :).