Cory Godbey’s TICKET has been a regular topic on Cory’s blog, Light Night Rains for some time now. As an illustrator, it’s been pretty inspiring to see someone compose and complete their own illustrated magazine in a few months! And I really like his work too. I can relate to his sense of whimsy and love the line work in his drawings!

Well, I followed his process through to the end and finally raced to order his ‘zine’. I felt like I wanted to be the first one in line because, by now I think I should be considered a fan… I don’t think I’ll start dressing like him or anything but I live in the country craft triangle of the Midwest and I’ll take my inspiration where I can get it! Anyway, I was first! I just received my copy of TICKET this morning and tucked inside the first page was a drawing by Cory with a note. I imagine this is how Charlie Bucket must have felt :).

Thanks Cory! The Zine is great. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!