Illustration Friday – poof!

For my Illustration Friday Entry this week I decided to pull one from the archives. This was published in Cricket magazine alongside a poem called First Snowflakes :). I think ‘poof!’ sums it all up :)!

  • Cookie Sunshine

    I feel the poof….and the chill

  • Katie

    Their feathers are definitely poofed and ruffled. Great illustration. Great color and detail.

  • Needlesville, N.Y.

    Wow. This is great! Fine art illustration ala Wyeth!


    Great design and wonderful illustration!

  • Roberta

    Incredible work!!

  • Fresh Roasted

    Nice work! Is that painter or Photoshop?

  • DavidM

    Hey guys! Thanks for all of your comments! I love it :).

    Needlesville, I love NC Wyeth. Have you been to the Brandywine River Museum?

    Fresh Roasted, This one was done in Painter. These days I’ve been using Photoshop pretty much exclusively.

  • Cheryl

    You definitely have a God-given talent and I wish I could draw more than stick figures.

    Looks great and very detailed.

  • neilornstein


  • Shugar

    Oh this is fabulous, I love the textures! šŸ™‚ Great illustration!

  • Juan

    Is absolutely amazing! Great work!

  • margothere

    I do love a good chicken depiction! Nice poof!

  • Jerry Hish

    Love this drawing…great detail in the poofing!…CHICKEN!…my favorite vegetable…lol

  • Siukwan

    It’s adorable and incredible, David!!! Love the characters~ Very great work!!!