Illustration Friday – Detach

This weeks Illustration Friday topic was ‘Detach’. While several more strange and bizarre ideas came to mind I thought it would be better to stick with something more normal. I haven’t had time to finish this one up so I’m just uploading the sketch. Enjoy ala’ Christmas Story.

  • Cheryl

    Dave, I am a friend of Addi’s and LOVE looking at your cartoons that you draw. This one is especially funny with the fireman coming with the axe, ha ha

  • DavidM

    Wow :). Thanks Cheryl!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Dave, I am learning how to access your blog. my sister is helping me. I can’t wait to see what you’re up to!! beth

  • Beth

    Hi Dave, I’m not anonymous anymore! Beth

  • Gerald

    Such a classic scene in this film. You’ve really captured that hilarious moment.