The Garreth

Occasionally I run across illustration challenges online and in other blogs. I LOVE the time spent noodling imaginative concepts and exploring different takes on a topic. This post started with the call for concepts from a blog called ArtOrder. Here is a the concept clipping…

This weeks concept:
Everyone knows the standard fantasy races – elves, dwarves, orcs, etc. Few people are aware of the Garreth – a race of tiny humanoids that populate the desolate region around red dragon lairs. They live off the charred remains of unfortunate adventurers, stealing away with trinkets that are too small for the notice of the mighty red dragon. These trinkets are used for trade, and to fashion their clothing, armor, and weapons. The Garreth have also been known to barter services with the red for higher end trinkets… such as scratching that annoying itch the red can’t reach, organizing the gems and coins, or tricking adventurers into rushing after the Garreths – into the lair.
What do they look like, how do they live, what is the latest fashions around the lair? No one has survived to tell. Help me flesh out the details, and have a little fun in the process.

As I pondered the Garreth I realized that the region surrounding the dragons lair would be filled with Dragon Poo… among other things listed in the concept. What a perfect place for dung beetles, a creature that loves poo and also seems well adapted to the unexpected bouts with flame from the Red Dragon! The Garreth must live alongside these beetles, using their carcasses for protection as they serve the needs of the Red Dragon. While their backs are covered with the shells of dung beetles, the Garreth’s cover their bellies with sacks and bags so they can carry their many treasures (while protecting them from pick-pockets :). Dung piles also become quick homes for the Garreth as they need only be hollowed out and filled with furniture.

It’s strange I know… but it was so fun to come up with :).