Bromide Race

This is another adventure in character development… or rather, race development. These exercises really remind me of the times my brother and I spent creating creatures when we were kids. We had pages of creatures that looked like Ewoks with each drawing focusing on a different role in the “Ewok” community… we had fun doing those… we also had a race of creatures that lived in the ocean :)… I’ll have to find some of those and upload them!

At any rate, these guys are called the Bromides… or the Bromide Race. They are described as being plant-like or plant-related humanoids who are intelligent and tend to be rather tall. Their plant-like aspects end up being incorporated into the way they defend themselves… so the vines coming out of his head could be used for grappling or camouflage. There are retractable thorns on his arms and legs… Armor made from barks and leaves… I also had thoughts about the taller Bromides being the elders of the community… sort of like tall tree-like beings who spend a lot of time swaying in the breeze and thinking :). I had other thoughts to sketch on but there wasn’t enough time to fully explore the possibilities.

I had fun and I hope you enjoy the sketches. Check back for more fun stuff later :).

  • Carrie

    THese are really beautiful…I love it! Sorry we didn’t stop by yesterday, we ended up running out of time. I’ve been reading the Easter story to Lucy using the coloring book. She really likes the palm branch and loves to say “Jesus is King”:) Thanks for sharing your work.