Catastrophic Earthquake Dragon

Earthquake Dragon

Earthquake Dragon

Hey gang!  I’ve got a fun update for you today!  The ArtOrder Concept Tuesday challenge this week was on catastrophic dragons.  These dragons embody the catastrophe they are named after… so a fire dragon would be filled with fire.  This is an Earthquake Dragon!  I feel bad for our intrepid knight and his faithful squire :).  He may have bit off more than he could chew.

Enhance your desktop with the 1600×1200 version of my Earthquake Dragon.


ArtOrder posted comments from the judges!  Here are the comments regarding my entry #47.

Lars Grant-West – 47. Really cool, dramatic scene. Nicely composed, well rendered. I’d
like to see more of the beast, but what I can see is excellent.

Todd Lockwood – There were many that struck me with the strength and energy of their rendering — 36, 47, 50 to name but a few.

I love warm fuzzies!

  • This came out great! Digging the blue / green palette too.