Mind Flayer vs. Drow book cover

UPDATE! : I received this comment from an art director at Wizard’s of the Coast books via ArtOrder …

Kate Irwin – “The lighting draws you in and the composition works well. It seems kind of “young audience” and that might be another reason I’m drawn to it.”

Well, these days it seems like I’m only posting on the challenges over at ArtOrder :).  Well, they are such amazing challenges!  If I have any artists reading this who aren’t already involved please take a look.  They are fantasy related so if you aren’t into that then you may be out of luck.  But the prize for playing along are things like having your work looked at by well known artists and art directors in the business!  This has been my motivation to submit entries and really work on my technique.  It’s just fun.

At any rate.  This week we are trying our hand at creating a book cover with two characters locked in battle.  I think my take may have come out a bit James Bond-ish due to the massive explosion coming from the castle but it served to add some contrast and visual interest to the cover so that the potential buyer would be drawn to it.  Let’s see if the judges agree :).

Below is just a peek at my process.  I’m still ironing out the kinks but it is getting there.  Thanks for stopping by.

Click the image for a larger view

Click the image for a larger view

  • Carrie

    Looks great dave! I like the new look of your page too.