Roman Holiday :), one of Bobby Chui’s web sites has had another contest.  The theme of this one centered around sculpture and interpreting something classical.  I went around and around with this one and finally settled on the caryatids in Greece.

It seemed like a good idea… then I decided to make this my next promotional mailer (gotta make the art work for me ;).  So my thought was to make a postcard with a fun spot on the back to tie the whole thing together. So here we go ;)…

My wife’s a big fan of Audrey Hepburn (and who wouldn’t be) so, after a lot of noodling I thought maybe the caryatid had run off with some other piece of classic sculpture for a holiday :).  I’m kinda diggin this one :).  Thanks for stopping by!

  • Carrie

    That’s inspired and hilarious! Looks like the start of an Etsy card to me! I love this Dave. You’re inspiring me to create for fun, off to my work room I go.

  • dmiles

    Thanks, Carrie :). Maybe it will make it’s way to card… who knows? I can’t wait to see what you cooked up in your card shop last night!