Sketchoholic – Godzilla! Fetch!

Growing up my Dad used to enjoy the occasional monster movie.  I recall seeing Godzilla fight Gammorah on more than one occasion.  I think the thing that interested me most was that Godzilla had this strange relationship with the humans.  He always helped them out!  Crazy, water-sleeping, building smashing, man-in-a-monster-suit monster!  Anyway, I’m sure there were a couple where the monster had a strange connection with a small boy so here we have Godzilla playing catch with a little boy.

I’m not so thrilled with the way the color turned out on this one.  I may have to revisit this in the near future to see if I can improve the process a little. For now it’s time to move on!

  • Hey David! Great blog! Love all the action and fun. Terrific style! God bless!

  • dmiles

    Thanks for the great feedback, Jack! I checked out your site and you have a lot of cool stuff too. And you’re a fellow mid-westerner to boot ;).