Lazy Bones

A few more themed pieces.  It’s been a busy September but I feel recharged when I work on a couple of pieces for myself.

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  • Michael Harrison

    Fun stuff Dave!

    Would you have a problem with me posting the first one on my fb page for Halloween?

  • dmiles

    Thanks Michael! I’ll email you about using the image :).

  • Poochacho

    LMAO – Dave your stuff is hilarious! You really have that gift of expression in your characters. The whipped cream… you KILL me! I came in to see your site from Sketchoholic – and just had to leave a comment here as well! I just can’t wait to see what you do next!

  • dmiles

    Thanks Poochacho! I try to get on Sketchoholic whenever I can. It’s a lot of fun and has really helped me work on my technique! I’ve seen your work on there too and it’s great! I don’t know how you manage to crank out more than one :). See you in the contests!