Santa Cop Contest!

Hey guys!

I’ve wanted to do this for a looong time so I’m finally going to do it!  I’m starting a piece of original Santa Cop themed art in conjunction with the release of ‘Cop’s Night Before Christmas’ and I’m going to raffle it off right here!  If you want to see my progress you can check back once in a while and click on the CONTEST tab up above or meet me at one of my book signings and I’ll bring it along. I think the odds are pretty good so why not enter!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this posting telling me your favorite holiday food (be sure your correct email address is entered in as well).  All I have to do is complete an illustration before December 10th, 2010 because that is when I will have the drawing and contact the winner!

Good luck!!

Please try to keep it to one comment per person.  I’ll be using a random number generator to generate the number of the winning comment!

Update 11/13/2010:

I’ve uploaded some scans on the progress.  I sat down on the couch last night and worked on some thumbnails in my sketchbook until I came upon something that I liked.  Next I refined the drawing and worked out some details.  Next step is transferring it to the paper and inking it!

  • Michael Harrison

    Hey Dave,

    Great idea! If I’m not ineligible, I’ll pass along that my favorite thing to eat over the holidays is Japanese fruit pie. My mom’s are great, and I can hardly wait!

  • Diane Phillips

    Hi Dave,

    Love the art in the book and here as well. I like all the holiday foods but I think I enjoy the sandwich I make from leftover turkey (add Duke’s mayo, salt, and pepper) the best!

  • Vickie Harrison

    My mother’s homemade turkey dressing (baked in a pan) is something I miss most about holidays past. Illustration Dave’s holiday art is a wonderful part of holidays present!

  • J. Claude Harmon

    I just love my sister-in-law, Vera’s mouthwatering greenbeans, yum yum!

  • Vickie Harrison

    One of my favorite memories of holidays past is my mother’s turkey dressing (baked in a pan.) Illustration Dave’s holiday art is one of my new favorite things of holidays present.

  • Peggy Arcuri

    My favorite holiday meal is Turkey ala King. My mom used the leftover turkey from Christmas to make it. Since mom’s passing, my sister Mary now makes it for my family. My children now request it from her all the time! Love it! Love the illustrations here. Will receive my books in 3 days. Soooo excited!!

  • DonnaRae Ford

    I LOVE my uncle’s peanut butter fudge! It really is the greatest, melt in your mouth fudge – ever!! Everyone in my family fights over who will take most of it home. One year my sister, sister-in-law and I tried to smuggle what was left out before anyone noticed. We were caught red-handed at the door by my mother. Um… I hate to admit that was only last year. I also hate to admit that we’re all way past being old enough to know better!! LOL

  • i’m not sure i have an absolute favorite holiday food, i pretty much like them all, but if i had to pick a favorite, i would most likely choose my grandmommie’s pumpkin pie.

  • Joyce Harris

    My favorite dessert is Fresh Coconut Cake for holidays or anytime. I also miss my mother’s pumpkin pudding. It was alwys so good.

  • Marquita Pope

    My favorite is my aunts orange layer cake. It has four different layers with cocoanut and white icing between each layer. It looks great and taste great!

  • Allen Vanstory

    I love my moms and wifes peanutbutter chocolate oatmeal cookies. They only get on a made a couple times a year. The ones made at Christmas are the best.

  • My family has a lasagna dinner every year for Christmas. I love the tradition and family closeness. Thanksgiving would have to be the pineapple lime salad which we refer to as “greenstuff” – YUMMY!

  • Vicki Bartholomew

    I love Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream on top. I only make it during the holidays.

  • Teresa Benfield

    Merry Christmas Dave,
    My children love this book and the illustrations are so wonderful. Keep up the good work. I love the gravy. I pour it on everthing! Just like a great book with a great illustrator. The stuffing is good but better with gravy!

  • Frank Jasper-Stump

    Hello old friend,
    As always, your art work is fantastic. My favorite holiday food is Sticky Toffee Pudding.

  • Carrie

    That’s tough because my mom is such an amazing cook…but I’d have to say hot chocolate with a candy cane stirrer makes me feel warm and fuzzy and in the Christmas spirit. xx

  • Julie

    Hmmm…Christmas toffee, for sure!

  • Kelly Holmes

    My Grandmas’ brown sugar sticky rolls with pecans!!! I have memories of those from as far back as I can recall….yum!