Webbed Feet

Happy Thanksgiving’s Eve!  I hope everyone is enjoying a happy and safe holiday season. The snow has yet to make an appearance here in Kalamazoo but I’m ready for it.

Today’s image is a Sketchoholic.com contest based on the theme ‘Webbed Feet’.  There were a lot of creatures from the black lagoon and lots of creative takes on the subject!  I couldn’t get the Lord of the Rings out of my head so here is Bilbo and his encounter with Sheelob.  Must be the season to sit inside for a 12 hour (?) marathon of LOTR!

In other news…

-I’ve just completed the Miles family holiday card!  I’m pretty excited about this one and will post a view of it on Christmas Eve.

-I also wanted to thank the friends and family who have supported ‘Cop’s Night Before Christmas’!  I have a post in the making with photos from a book signing as well as an update on my artwork giveaway.  If you’d like to enter to win the art you still have time.  You just need to leave a comment here with you correct email address and your favorite holiday food.  If nothing else you should check out the other comments!  I can almost smell the goodies!

Thanks for stopping by!