Merry Christmas Bonus Surprise Yeti Photo Bomb!

You have found the bonus page!  An Easter Egg in our Christmas card, if you will ;).

Thank-you so much for encouraging the production of these Christmas cards from year to year.  I often wonder how I will ever have time to produce them but somehow they always happen.

This year has been pretty life-changing for the Miles family as years go.  Carrie went from working full time to being a full time Momma.   Loving, training, and chasing an almost three year old can be challenging but the blessings far outweigh.

The life of a freelance artist has it’s ups and downs so to get us through the down times we have been working on several ideas that we wanted to mention.

I opened an Etsy page and have been offering custom Christmas cards.  The response has been good and I hope to have more designs to add to the collection next season. I also have other ideas that include other greeting cards (some custom.. some not so custom), a custom order creature card, prints, activity and coloring books, stickers, patches… I have enough ideas to keep me busy for a while.

My career is also expanding (I hope!) as I work hard to improve my craft and work with my artist rep to gain new clients.  My rep has been a help and encouragement this year and I’m so thankful for Shannon Associates.  You can follow my progress on instagram, facebook, twitter, my blog… although instagram is currently updated most frequently because it is so easy to do.

Finally, Carrie has been working part time for a dear photographer friend and also continues taking pictures on her own.  She has updated her website and it looks great! Her heart for adoption has given her a desire to help families by designing their adoption profile books.  These books are an important tool used in the adoption process and putting them together can be difficult.

Thanks again for your love and support as we navigate this next adventure.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Dave and Carrie


PS. links to social media and my store can be found at the top of the page!